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                       ~seeing with the heart~

Thank you for being here.

These LIGHT POETRY images are tokens of my life path, of places I travel to, live in and specific nature spots I like to dwell for inspiration.  ​It is my joy to share the splendor i find in natures' intimate record the visual moments that catch my attention, require me to pause and appreciate the subtlety, the small, the delicate, that so often get overlooked.

When i pause to take in these details and elements ~I enter a creative zone where my perception of the life force/prana of nature coalesces with the patterns, colors and movements of what i am looking at from a beauty and design point of view.  The results are images that capture a "now" moment in my world, imbued with the energy I perceive.

Flowers, particularly, have my heart. I feel they are a gift for us humans to recognize THE POWER (even if transient), THE INSPIRATION(to live an elevated, fully expressed life), and THE WISDOM that is encoded within beauty.

I believe life intends for us to thrive.  These images I have chosen to share with you are embodiments of this intention.   It is my heart wish that these images enliven your space, bring happiness and a sense of well being to you. 


My very best,

Laurie L. Boucher

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